Monday, January 4, 2010

mark newport

Backstage, 2009, Archival ink jet on paper, 13 x 19 inches

This Thursday I'll be at the Greg Kucera Gallery for the opening of Mark Newport's exhibition New Work. Mark was my fibers instructor when I was a student at Western Washington University. He was always one of my favorite teachers because he encouraged his students to think about the relationship between the subject we were attempting to depict and the medium we used to do so. You can see this in his own work as well. He uses the themes of knitting and superheroes to examine and challenge traditional roles of masculine and feminine, creating life-size hand-knit superhero costumes that he himself sometimes wears in photographs and performances. If you live in Seattle, I highly recommend taking a moment to check out his work in person this month. The show will be up through February 13th. If you can't make it, you can see more here.

L to R: Bobbleman, 2006; Batman 3, 2006; Naftaman, 2008; all hand knit acrylic and buttons

L to R: A Man, 2009; Argyleman, 2007; Sweaterman 4, 2007; all hand knit acrylic and buttons

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  1. Your costumes are incredible, there is alot of work done on them. Will be visiting you often for more costumes. Best wishes for your work.