Sunday, July 12, 2009

sean p. morrissey

Gorgeous prints from printmaker Sean P. Morrissey. I love his use of overlapping lines and geometric forms. They appear to be mostly lithographs, with maybe some etching and silkscreen, but I can't quite tell from the digital images. I wish his website had some information about the media used. Oh well, they're still lovely.

via Pitch Design Union


  1. some of the colors remind me the work of Folon,... just a little bit...

  2. hi Erin--
    I work mostly in screenprint and a little oil-based monoprinting off plexi. I've been getting into a lot of digital inkjet and it's thrown in some of these, too. Most of the lines are hand-drawn. I try to keep it simple.

    Thanks for the feature on your blog!