Monday, July 6, 2009

up & up

I was at Target yesterday for the first time since January or February and I noticed that they have rebranded the Target store brand as Up & Up. I always thought the old Target store brand packaging was a bit ahead of the curve in that it was very simple, relying heavily on solid color fields and the bulls eye logo. But the simplicity wasn't quite working for the brand, because it looked a bit dull, was very obviously a 'bargain' brand, and some of the packages still managed to look cluttered. The new Up & Up packaging is still simple, still uses solid colors, but feels much cleaner and more upscale, thanks in large part to the amount of white space employed. In addition, the bulls eye has been replaced with with a very simple arrow logo and fun photographic imagery. The typography feels a bit more elegant to me as well, and many of the packages incorporate some playful copy. The overall effect is an iconic, easy to recognize brand that looks both more fun and more upscale than a store brand. I like it.

Here's what the packaging used to look like:And here's the new Up & Up version:


  1. I like it, the first overall impression is fresh, simple and clean, more contemporary feel than the old one. But may be the shape of the arrow is just too generic that may not look like a logo (although there is a TM) but a supporting graphic device...

  2. This post should start "My sister Meghan told me that Target had redesigned their store brand line, then she drove my ass to Target and I saw for myself".