Wednesday, February 24, 2010

amber albrecht

Amber Albrecht is a printmaker and illustrator based in Montreal whose silkscreen prints and ink drawings depict beautiful dreamscapes filled with romance and melancholy. From her artist statement:
I portray dream-fueled absurdist situations, which often draw heavily on my cloudy recollection of the storybooks of my childhood, saturated as they were with strange creatures, impossible happenings and oneiric landscapes. These stories created for me a very idiosynchratic [sic] conception of a past-that-never-was, and much of my work is directed toward bringing this past into being.
via Drawn!

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  1. OmG! ... What a fabulous work again from Amber Albrecht. I looked all the painting and i would say one word.... Mindblowing. Look at the dream houses, these are really unbelievable and stunning.