Wednesday, February 3, 2010

creative condition

I started using Add-Art a couple of months ago. It's a service that replaces adds with art, in conjunction with Adblock Plus, in Firefox. Sometimes the art is really interesting, and sometimes it's just so-so, but it's almost always better than the ads it replaces. These pieces created by New York-based design firm Elastic Brand caught my attention recently. According to the creators' statement, they were inspired by "creative individuals and their real encounters with people in their lives as they started to define their goals and pursue their dreams." They asked fellow creatives to submit "a quote that marked a turning point in their creative lives," along with a photo of themselves as a child and put the them together using a simple color palette and bold type. The goal was to highlight the opposition that many aspiring artists, musicians and performers encounter from family and friends who, however well-intentioned, don't understand what it means to be a creative person. It's a simple concept, but the results resonated with me.

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